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Gain More Real Instagram Followers

How To Gain More Real Followers On Instagram For Small Businesses

Like most social media, building your profile and getting a good amount of real followers on Instagram takes a lot of time and work.

However, to give you the best shot at success and to make the whole process a little easier for you we are going to break down some key ways you can gain real Instagram followers.

By the end of this article, you will be able to know a bit more about how Instagram works and how to use this social media platform to your advantage so you can attract people to your page and get more followers on your account.

Make An Attractive Bio

Whenever someone clicks on your profile they will get directed to your main page where they can see your Bio. You only have 150 characters to explain what you are all about so do your best to make it captivating, entertaining and don’t forget to add a link to a place where they can buy your product.

Many people choose whether to follow someone or not based on what the bio says so it needs to be interesting and it should include a call to action that makes them want to continue looking into your company.

Post Regularly

To keep people engaged with your company they need to see regular updates and posts. Add to your feed and your story as frequently as you can. A good average is about 4 posts a week.

Each post you do is free advertising even if you are not talking about the company directly. So do as much as you can even if that is a post every day. The more you post the more chances of getting seen and followed you have.

Create A Brand Voice

People don’t follow your business just because they want your product. Usually what attracts people is your brand voice, personality, and the journey that you take them on. If all you post is sales info and marketing pitches then you might not have many followers.

Rather, think about how you want to come across. Is your company fun and adventurous? Professional and ambitious? Positive and Uplifting? Whatever character you want your company to have, that should come across in everything you post.

Instagram is all about personality and themes. Choose one and do your best to stick to it so that you can attract a certain demographic.

Customize Your Captions

Besides the images and videos, the wording you put along with it really matters. This is your chance to really engage with your audience and keep their attention. It is also a way to boost the chances of getting seen.

Make the first sentence clear and concise and follow it up with sentences that include keywords that relate to your business. Format it like an article using spacing, bullet points, and literally anything that will make it easy to read.

Harness Your Hashtags

At the end of the caption, add hashtags that people might use when searching for similar companies or topics. You can research hashtags online but a lot of them you can come up with purely by thinking like your customer.

You can add up to 30 Hashtags per post which you should definitely use to the full. Additionally, you can try out different hashtags on different posts to see which ones work best for your company

Hashtags and keywords will increase the possibility of people seeing your post and will therefore boost the chances of gaining more followers.

Link To Your Account

Everywhere you can make sure you direct people to your Instagram. This can be done verbally, via your website, business cards, pamphlets, email, and even other social media accounts. Wherever you have something business-related make sure your username or a link to your Instagram is available for everyone to see.

Just as you want to publicize your business name you should also make your Instagram known to everyone. This is often the place people go to check out companies, see what kind of brand voice they have, and see what they have to offer.


After having reviewed numerous different ways to get real followers on Instagram you should now have a better idea of what you need to do. However, do not be afraid to get help. Though it is simple for some, this process does take a lot of time and energy so you may want to enlist a company or person who can manage your social media for you.



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